This is Burning and Absolution. A Catholic co-ed college located in Amsterdam nearby to a special four story club. Sex + Indulgence.... just around the corner.
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Follow These Guidelines 8kex

Here are some simple rules to follow just to keep drama down and keep the fun level and imagination up.

♦ All usernames must be the name of the character you are playing. If your character has the same name as another character, then please put an * after the character name if you are the second one to register. (Example Mao from Sadie and Mao* from SID. In the case of there possibly being three like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans, then one will put a * by the name and another ~ by the name.)

♦ In addition to JRockers, we allow Idols, Korean muses, and any other Asian character (movie stars, etc.) a well as ANY OTHER NATIONALITY. German, American, Italian, Norse, Swedish, Irish. Any musician or actor or any person out there - just not a friend - only the famous people.. As well as characters from movies.

♦ Upon application, you must fill in your application within 72 hours or you will be deleted. All applications must be accepted by the Admin in order to start playing. Your first post must be made within 72 hours of being approved by the Admin.

♦ No bashing, hating, flaming, or OOC drama. The penalty for any of these is immediate character deletion (all characters you have, not just one). We will NOT tolerate anything like this, under any circumstances. RP is to be fun, not hateful.

♦ There may be adult concepts inside of certain RP threads, please do not read them if you do not want to see them. All threads with such things MUST be labeled with | Adult after the thread name.

♦ Open threads are to have thread titles as follows: Thread Title [Open]. If you are making it only open to one person, please put the title as follows: Thread Title [Other Character's Name]. If the thread is taken by someone and you do not want others joining it, then change the thread title from Open to: Thread Title [Other Character's Name]. Please remember to update any threads that go from adult to non-adult with | Adult in the thread title.

♦ You MUST log in AND post at least once every 2 weeks. If you will be away for a certain period of time, then please ensure you fill out the Hiatus Notifications thread. If you do not log in AND post every 2 weeks, you will be deleted for inactivity.

♦ The general posting rule is that posts must be of a reasonable length and include proper spelling and grammar. This is not a forum for 2 sentence RP (that is for IM RP, not for a forum). This forum is for paragraph style RP. (We're not going to be really picky about it, but it's not fun when someone writes one sentence in reply to your three paragraphs.) All posts must be in 3rd person.

If ENGLISH IS YOUR SECOND LANGUAGE THAT IS OK. Just do your best to spellcheck and grammar, punctuation check. If you need a beta reader then contact Admin. This is RP and while proper spelling and grammar are preferred, it is understandable that there are people that don't know the language that well and that's OK.

♦ No Godmodding. Meaning you may not move another character around or kill them or hurt them or anything else (unless you have spoken with the other player first and they have approved it). You are allowed to operate your own character only.

♦ There is a 6 character limit on this forum (without obtaining specific permission from the Admin, and there must be a history of following all the rules and a good reason for wanting more than 6 characters provided upon time of request).

♦ Please post any OPEN threads into the Open Threads post so that people can respond to your post and know that it exists!

♦ In order to ensure that you have read and agreed to these rules, please put for the life that i make i'm going to hell at the top of your application when you post it.

♦ The field entitled User App on the registration page should have "http://" written into it. After you have posted your application, go to Profile on the menu options and copy/paste the link to your application into that field.

Follow These Guidelines Nz9f
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Follow These Guidelines
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