This is Burning and Absolution. A Catholic co-ed college located in Amsterdam nearby to a special four story club. Sex + Indulgence.... just around the corner.
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 The Plot So Far...

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PostSubject: The Plot So Far...   Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:56 pm

This is 2014 in Amsterdam. There is a private college/university that was planted in the wrong area but still remains busy.
It's a Catholic school. It's co-ed. Right down the street, around the corner, there is a club called "Absolution" that draws in crowds, including some of the students of the school looking to rebel.
Not only that, but the Red Light District isn't too far. Prostitution is legal, men and women stand in window fronts trying to sell themselves and get people to come in and receive pleasure...

It's forbidden to take place in any of this activity especially as a part of the school's staff but so many can't help it.
Some girls and boys get down on their knees and pray for absolution knowing they'll burn if they don't...
But that doesn't stop anything. Especially relationships between staff and students, another forbidden.

Amsterdam is home to the freedom of sex and drugs. Saint Micheal's University tries to protect itself from these tawdry outside forces but in Amsterdam when there is so much freedom... it's just so hard.

And not even the blood and body of Christ can save their pretty selves from going to Hell.


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The Plot So Far...
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